Saturday, June 15, 2013

SEO & Chuisosauro

In these weeks the word chuisosauro widely cited by some of the teachers in seo, both in the official web page as in other similar places, many of them related to seo, as in discussion forums with little to do.

I think this is because participation is almost unlimited, the foundation to enter the new tournament are very simple and the advantages of the contest are enough to attract the interest of any web master who wants to use this wonderful opportunity to create a place in this world of seo.

No doubt the $ 3000 in a game is a very big help to strengthen the foundations of our skills and tactics related to search engine optimization and in other cases to recover the huge losses they have had several thousands of positioners which in recent months have been severely affected by the latest Google code change. Besides being considered the best seo in 2013 this is an award that has everyone stunned undoubtedly an extremely important category in the business of seo. I sincerely believe that it is not necessary to mention the benefits it provides to get a range of such importance as to be considered the best for a full year seo2013 supports a great advantage over the competition and endless opportunities in the near future.

Those not participating insurance suddenly due to little time or potential advantages they may possess, I would advise, do not give up before trying. There is still plenty of time and those who are a little more experts are clear that there are in the small opponents, it's about properly using what you know and strategies that each one who is able may get to place in the top results of Google search the word chuisosauro and thus the best place in the result, both in one and in all other browsers default in the contest.

If you need some answer is possible to find out a bit entering the web. To enter the competition and to get a little more information, remember it is not necessary to be user

At the first hearing the word "chuisosauro" it is indisputable that hundreds of thousands of individuals have thought "that rarest phrase" yet to hear today, for most of us think one of the most popular phrases at this time, although you can not decipher the true meaning. Surely you will be the same thing happened to us, when you look up chuisosauro, find the word dinosaur of cheese, a correction in Google, specifying that it is a people belonging to Mexico, but many do not believe that this word exists by few search engine results are true or not which means it is important not to confuse one thing with another because there is no relationship between them.

In another context the word chuisosauro before long we found just under half a million results.

The ninja and the chuisosauro

The chuisosauro is loose and this time go with everything, then yes today unveiled the new species Chuisosauro, a strange species not previously recognized, which apparently is bringing competition to a yearning for webmasters, with a new competition for entire community called chuisosauro, many users of some parts of the network will want to participate, to be measured in ten days of arduous struggle for consecrated as chuisosauro

Many want to win the chuisosauro but not everyone has the will to achieve deserve.

Ever hear of a wise teacher who told us: No simply will not just dream it, not enough to try, just be consistent, to get it. Come to think of these words had very good reason if we think, as most people want things in life, Auto, Home, Buenos salaries, Chuisosauro, but only stay there because no one (at least the most) constantly working to get it, just try it once, twice, or three times, and if they see that things do not go as expected, are giving up the idea of ​​dreaming.
If they knew that most successful people in life have had to fight for the things they want as much as we will show you some examples of successful people who have achieved their dreams struggling to get:
1 - Michael Jordan: This fabulous basketball player was expelled from the school basketball team.

2 - Albert Einstein did not speak until age 4, and learned to read at 8.

3 - Marilyn Monroe: Once fashion director told her to stop modeling I do a secretarial course.

4 - The Beatles was rejected by the label: Decca Recording Company telling them they were not doing good music.
And as these exiten hundreds if not thousands examples of people who have struggled to get what they want, you just have to be consistent, persistent, and never, ever give up. So if we want the Chuisosauro today we go for it!

It's not that I'm obsessed with Chuisosauro is to fight to get it, if other people have gotten what they want because I do not have to get it, if I'm going to fight for it?, Prepare webmasters peeling internerds here goes the Chuisosauro new rocket artillery with all you can imagine to populate the results of ninja techniques

What happened to the chuisosauro?

In recent days the word chuisosauro is one of the most mentioned by most experts in SEO (search engine optimization), both in the official announcement as in other similar places, many of them related to positioning, and even in forums without any or no relation to the subject.

I think this is because participation is unlimited, the conditions for entering this contest are very simple interesting addition to the advantages are enough to attract the interest of any web master who wants to take this great opportunity to gain a foothold in this world of seo.

No doubt the $ 3000 in a competition is a very big help to strengthen the foundations of our techniques and maneuvers associated with seo and in some cases to recover the huge losses suffered optimizers several thousand sites that have recently been severely damaged recent changes Google code. Besides being considered the best seo this year this is a reward that has not left anyone indifferent certainly a very important category in this business. Honestly I'm sure you do not need to mention all the advantages of obtaining this range of such importance because seo2013 regarded as the best while spending a year ensures one great advantage over the competition and countless open doors in the near future.

Those who are not yet confident to participate, possibly because of the short time or may possess some advantages, I take a moment to advise, not to give up before trying to try. There is still a little time and most experts know that in the opponents no small thing to use is properly the knowledge and strategies that each one, anyone with a bit of ability can manage to get placed in the top results Google search the phrase chuisosauro and get the best position, both in one and in all other browsers in the contest.

If you have any questions you can find out a bit entering page. Both like to participate in the contest and for more information, remember you do not need to be a user in the forum

When you hear the phrase for 1st time "chuisosauro" can not argue that hundreds of thousands of individuals have thought "that rarest phrase" however these days to listen, to many it seems one of the most heard word of the moment, but can not figure out the meaning. I may have been the same as I am, searching the phrase chuisosauro, find the word dinosaur cheese, in correctness in the search engine Google, specifying that it is a people belonging to Mexico, although many doubt that this word really exists because very few results on Google and Bing, SEO is not truly the meaning of this, it is good not to confuse one with the other because there is no relationship.

Moreover chuisosauro in almost no time we can find a little more than half a million results.

More news on the chuisosauro

What is Chuisosauro?
It is nothing more and nothing less in the first contest, in which the site involved. This contest is brought to us by a member of ForoBeta, which makes it more interesting, as this forum is one of the best at speaking. (this is the scientific meaning).

Now we will give the true meaning What is Chuisosauro?
It is the first cousin of T-rex, accurate, and they hear that there are so many dinosaurs did not even know that this existed.
Chuisosauro as you will see in the following image, which is unique because it is the only one that has the
The man who discovered this Chuisosauro, Chuiso a researcher is usually all their research and discoveries made ​​online.
The great discovery of Chuisosauro has left many surprised as this dinosaur not exist, and what to read you, is not EXTINCT!.
So if you ever run into any Chuisosauro is better to stay away and find shelter.

The truth about the chuisosauro

Chuisosauro is an animal, reptile family of dinosaurs from the Jurassic era that was characterized as large compared to the T-Rex or Long Neck overlooking the jungle of that era, is a carnivore herbivore nature besides eating from carrots (yes, like a rabbit) to large animals such as humpback whales are their favorite when I used to go swimming on the beaches of Acapulco.

Family saurópsidos vertebrates that dominated terrestrial ecosystems of ancient Greece for 180 million years to achieve achieve low intelligence that allowed them to evolve small druggists charismatic vertebrates belonging to birds and reptiles articulated femur and muscle tissues with good motor skills.

Actually the chuisosaurio is an animal species that has been created by the blog of the same name that represents us Chuiso a fun character that teaches tricks everyday and as he puts illegal things on Internet issues, SEO, Webmasters and more than allow you to learn more about the subject. This famous dinosaur has been created especially to engage in a contest SEO positioning based on 10 days in the word that you think first in and there, only this will be the winner and get the prize Express you have so go prepared to participate in the contest is here and compete against the SEO's fastest planet and intentame win, lol.

So much and see you in the next article I will tell you as eating a Chuisosauro

What is Chuisosauro?

Chuisosauro, is a word invented by the mastermind of Chuiso (blog forbidden), who got it from a week ago and with which I am more than elated to read from his first articles why? ... Reasons abound, I invite you to read it and find out yourself.

Well, the etymological origin of chuisosauro was unveiled just today 14/06/2013 on his blog, through a SEO contest for foreros, where anyone with or without knowledge may seek to engage to position the word "chuisosauro" .

chuisosauro, chuisosauros everywhere
The man writing is not an SEO, thanks to the Almighty Google and San Wikipedia just know what the word means. I am an optimistic blogger who dared to participate, try your luck and see how the competition goes. What I can lose? Nothing, on the contrary, if the strength and experience with me: the prize XD.

So friends, here is a participating chuisosauro (read experienced), measured with high expectations in his first contest SEO serán10 intense days and this is our first step ... let's have fun and have a good time :)

The Chuisosauro Competition

Chuisosauro Competition is being done more and more difficult, participants are many more, but nothing is said, there are still 10 days to try their luck (as in my case). For those who are still in the race, we're going to offer some tips to position many chuisosauro and improve your rankings in Google, which is the form with which you will follow.

Chuisosauro, tips to position
Without both bored and drunk ramblings that the partridge, on to the tips:

The first thing to do is to create unique and relevant content, no nonsense texts for the sole purpose of positioning the word chuisosauro.
Second, promote your blog or article in forums, blogs and social networks, the more much better, do not fall into the spam which is very annoying for everyone.
Generates natural backlinks, exchanged a few links to other sites chuisosauro, publishes press releases and get reviews. Each link should vary your anchor, eg "SEO contest", "Chuisosauro competition" among many others.
Analyze your competition, the pages that are on the front page for something are there, investígalas and see if you can decipher part of its strategy to do the same with your blog.
Do not put in your article links to sites of your competition, even if Nofolow to Google Like counts as a vote of confidence and positioning are helping them.
Get natural views, lately the search is much interaction valuing your blog with searches, access to which sites to put aside what. You have to be among those who choose to.
I hope these tips chuisosauro position will be useful, as I said in the previous article, I'm not SEO, I am a participant who is to have fun with the contest and learn.