Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Chuisosauro Competition

Chuisosauro Competition is being done more and more difficult, participants are many more, but nothing is said, there are still 10 days to try their luck (as in my case). For those who are still in the race, we're going to offer some tips to position many chuisosauro and improve your rankings in Google, which is the form with which you will follow.

Chuisosauro, tips to position
Without both bored and drunk ramblings that the partridge, on to the tips:

The first thing to do is to create unique and relevant content, no nonsense texts for the sole purpose of positioning the word chuisosauro.
Second, promote your blog or article in forums, blogs and social networks, the more much better, do not fall into the spam which is very annoying for everyone.
Generates natural backlinks, exchanged a few links to other sites chuisosauro, publishes press releases and get reviews. Each link should vary your anchor, eg "SEO contest", "Chuisosauro competition" among many others.
Analyze your competition, the pages that are on the front page for something are there, investígalas and see if you can decipher part of its strategy to do the same with your blog.
Do not put in your article links to sites of your competition, even if Nofolow to Google Like counts as a vote of confidence and positioning are helping them.
Get natural views, lately the search is much interaction valuing your blog with searches, access to which sites to put aside what. You have to be among those who choose to.
I hope these tips chuisosauro position will be useful, as I said in the previous article, I'm not SEO, I am a participant who is to have fun with the contest and learn.

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