Saturday, June 15, 2013

The ninja and the chuisosauro

The chuisosauro is loose and this time go with everything, then yes today unveiled the new species Chuisosauro, a strange species not previously recognized, which apparently is bringing competition to a yearning for webmasters, with a new competition for entire community called chuisosauro, many users of some parts of the network will want to participate, to be measured in ten days of arduous struggle for consecrated as chuisosauro

Many want to win the chuisosauro but not everyone has the will to achieve deserve.

Ever hear of a wise teacher who told us: No simply will not just dream it, not enough to try, just be consistent, to get it. Come to think of these words had very good reason if we think, as most people want things in life, Auto, Home, Buenos salaries, Chuisosauro, but only stay there because no one (at least the most) constantly working to get it, just try it once, twice, or three times, and if they see that things do not go as expected, are giving up the idea of ​​dreaming.
If they knew that most successful people in life have had to fight for the things they want as much as we will show you some examples of successful people who have achieved their dreams struggling to get:
1 - Michael Jordan: This fabulous basketball player was expelled from the school basketball team.

2 - Albert Einstein did not speak until age 4, and learned to read at 8.

3 - Marilyn Monroe: Once fashion director told her to stop modeling I do a secretarial course.

4 - The Beatles was rejected by the label: Decca Recording Company telling them they were not doing good music.
And as these exiten hundreds if not thousands examples of people who have struggled to get what they want, you just have to be consistent, persistent, and never, ever give up. So if we want the Chuisosauro today we go for it!

It's not that I'm obsessed with Chuisosauro is to fight to get it, if other people have gotten what they want because I do not have to get it, if I'm going to fight for it?, Prepare webmasters peeling internerds here goes the Chuisosauro new rocket artillery with all you can imagine to populate the results of ninja techniques

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