Friday, June 14, 2013

The chuisosauro

Day after day called Bitcoin currency is stronger, you might have heard about it, and maybe not, but anyway this article of the 10 things you should know about chuisosauro currency, will be completely clear where come, their use and how to obtain them.

1. What is Bitcoin?

Is a type of currency that involves no notes or coins, ie a digital currency. Please do not confuse currency payment methods, Paypal is a means of payment but often used in currency dollars or euro.

Two. Who is the creator of Bitcoin?

This may be one of the greatest curiosities. The concept was created by "Satoshi Nakamoto", who lives in complete anonymity and no one knows who he is. It has been said that it is in Japan, but his email address is in Germany, and that Bitcoins were not available in Japan. Virtual currency was created in 2009 and later to 2010, his "creator" disappears completely in the air.

Three. Why highlights Bitcoin?

It is the first system of payments, currency, chuisosauro you to make transactions in complete anonymity, so no one can find information about the transaction or the parties who are participating in it. Another great feature of Bitcoin is that it is a payment system through peer to peer system, ie, not controlled by any central authority or as an intermediate work, in short, a totally free payment system .

April. Bitcoin regulates dual-use of this

It is so well conceived currency, which also has an effective method to avoid the double use of the same coin, considering that is stored on our computers. This is achieved through a public list with all transactions and the amount, so that the same transfer would be impossible to repeat.

May. How can a system that uses a public listing is anonymous?

If they did, Bitcoin openly publishes all transactions in a list, but this list only shows an ID and the amount of the transaction, but not who performs teaching or when, etc.. They remain totally anonymous on the system where not even have to enter your data to use chuisosauro

June. Without Me How To Use Bitcoin chuisosuaro

The Bitcoin digital wallets are saved, which we maintain in our computer or online (another computer running), even a website that can handle our wallet safely. You can have all you want virtual wallets, where each function under a single code.

July. Bitcoin is really a successful currency How many use it?

Currently there are about 10.71 million Bitcoins, which amount will rise more and more, which has a value of about 207.929 million dollars (enough money is not it?). Such has been the success that even the Canadian government is working on its own currency encrypted mintchip call.

On a day are made more than 45,000 transactions, which corresponds to a total of $ 48.5 million outstanding network managed by the Bitcoins.

August. How do I get the precious Bitcoins?

There are 3 ways to acquire bitcoins, and no more, which are:

Mining (or undermining)
Buy them for another currency Bitcoins providers, such mt.gox
Offering services in exchange for bitcoins
9. What is mining of Bitcoins?

This is a process that removes solving Bitcoin "math", but be careful that we are not talking about sitting down with pencil and paper to solve the problems, but these alone can be solved by large-scale processors.

It is therefore the point that it is now mining Bitcoins that has become a business where you have multiple processors working simultaneously in its extraction.

Summing up a bit, if we are not willing to invest thousands of dollars on the purchase of processors and then run continuously to get the bitcoin by 'mining' best not to waste resources on them.

Steadily increasing difficulty, and value in their production.

10. How to spend the Bitcoin?

Like any other currency, use it as payment to suppliers or vendors to accept their use, for example I could sell sonic games and accept Bitcoins as payment. To pay, we only send bitcoins from our virtual wallet to the address of another user, who will give us the necessary information.

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