Saturday, June 15, 2013

The truth about the chuisosauro

Chuisosauro is an animal, reptile family of dinosaurs from the Jurassic era that was characterized as large compared to the T-Rex or Long Neck overlooking the jungle of that era, is a carnivore herbivore nature besides eating from carrots (yes, like a rabbit) to large animals such as humpback whales are their favorite when I used to go swimming on the beaches of Acapulco.

Family saurópsidos vertebrates that dominated terrestrial ecosystems of ancient Greece for 180 million years to achieve achieve low intelligence that allowed them to evolve small druggists charismatic vertebrates belonging to birds and reptiles articulated femur and muscle tissues with good motor skills.

Actually the chuisosaurio is an animal species that has been created by the blog of the same name that represents us Chuiso a fun character that teaches tricks everyday and as he puts illegal things on Internet issues, SEO, Webmasters and more than allow you to learn more about the subject. This famous dinosaur has been created especially to engage in a contest SEO positioning based on 10 days in the word that you think first in and there, only this will be the winner and get the prize Express you have so go prepared to participate in the contest is here and compete against the SEO's fastest planet and intentame win, lol.

So much and see you in the next article I will tell you as eating a Chuisosauro

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