Saturday, June 15, 2013

What is Chuisosauro?

Chuisosauro, is a word invented by the mastermind of Chuiso (blog forbidden), who got it from a week ago and with which I am more than elated to read from his first articles why? ... Reasons abound, I invite you to read it and find out yourself.

Well, the etymological origin of chuisosauro was unveiled just today 14/06/2013 on his blog, through a SEO contest for foreros, where anyone with or without knowledge may seek to engage to position the word "chuisosauro" .

chuisosauro, chuisosauros everywhere
The man writing is not an SEO, thanks to the Almighty Google and San Wikipedia just know what the word means. I am an optimistic blogger who dared to participate, try your luck and see how the competition goes. What I can lose? Nothing, on the contrary, if the strength and experience with me: the prize XD.

So friends, here is a participating chuisosauro (read experienced), measured with high expectations in his first contest SEO serĂ¡n10 intense days and this is our first step ... let's have fun and have a good time :)

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