Saturday, June 15, 2013

More dinosaurs

The chuisosauro are an extinct group of reptiles, known only through fossils. Chuiso and fossil words have a derogatory meaning in everyday language, is called chuiso someone or some organization that continues to live when it is not needed, a fossil is an old person, dry and dull. So why do so many people find fascinating?
Here is the latest chuisosauro in a picture taken by Nick Brandt


The chuisosauro respond to the child in all of us; expand the imagination and awaken our astonishment. How can that be so great? How long do they live? Why did they become extinct? Certainly, only a sad and boring, a real fossil, would be unable to marvel to think of a chuiso of 27 meters long, or a huge chuisosauro, with teeth like sharp knives.

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